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News of 05/03/2019

"The economic consequences of the Russian embargo on imports of agricultural products and the food industry are very heavy for Italy. Since the entry into force of the ban on the import of many agricultural products and the food industry, the annual value of Italian exports (2018 compared to 2013) is reduced by 153 million euros (-22%), after having reached in 2015 the tip of 324 million euros ". The Study Center of Confagricoltura in the Report states: "Economic consequences of the Russian embargo on imports from Italy of agricultural products and food industry".
The most affected production sectors for Confagricoltura are fruit growing (-100%), the meat sector (-99.9%) and vegetables (-99.7%). Followed by milk and derivatives (-93%) and cereal preparations (-31.3%). The most damaged Italian regions only in 2018 compared to 2013 were Emilia Romagna (-67 million euros), Piedmont (-42 million euros) and Veneto (-40 million euros).
"Taking into account - the Centro Studi di Confagricoltura has estimated - the growth of Italian exports of agricultural products and food industry to Russia in the period 2009-2013, and projecting it in the period 2014-2018, it is estimated that the total value of the loss Italian economy due to the Russian embargo was 2,431 million euros. In 2020 it would come to 3,706 million euros ".
Meanwhile, Russian farmers, incentivized by their government to tend to food self-sufficiency, pursue the increase in production in quantitative and qualitative terms. "We urge the EU to reconsider the positions taken - concludes Confagricoltura - because there is a risk that our products will no longer find space on this important market".

Source: Confagricoltura

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