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MadeinItaly, 100% MadeinItaly Certification

These words make every Italian manufacturer proud.
The MadeinItaly has a long prestige.
It is based on creativity matched with quality and design.

Madeinitaly has been used since 1980 as a brand to distinguish the higher quality of Italian products , in particular in the four traditional sectors of fashion, food, furniture and mechanical engineering. This phenomenon arose from the general appreciation of Italian products which have always been associated with superior quality, extreme attention to detail, elegance and a long established tradition in manufacturing. As a brand, MadeinItaly has also begun to be protected by organisations such as the Istituto Tutela Produttori Italiani and the related legislation has been regulated by the Italian government in recent years.

The marketing brand MadeinItaly has now become a driving force for Italian exports and it is now globally recognised as a separate product category. Google Cultural Institute, together with the Italian government and the Italian Chamber of Commerce have recently launched an online project to promote MadeinItaly using virtual showrooms focussed on some famous Italian products.

From fashion to shoes manifacture, from interior design to inventions and research, Made in Italy makes us stand out in the world.

It is a legitimate expectation of Italian manufacturers to see their creativity and skills properly valued. However, only a proper promotion and appreciation of the product can increase the competitiveness of small and medium Italian businesses.

The ITPI - Istituto per la Tutela Produttori Italiani (Institute for the protection of Italian manufacturers) is the certifying company for products which are entirely MadeinItaly.

The Italian nature of the mark issued contributes to the immediate identification of the product and enhances its status and appeal.

The 100% MadeinItaly mark can be assigned to any product which has entirely been Made in Italy.

In 2009, the Italian law (Law 135, September 25th, 2009 - Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Italy) stated that only products totally made in Italy (planning, manufacturing and packaging) are allowed to use the labels MadeinItaly, 100% MadeinItaly, 100% Italia, tutto italiano in every language, with or without the flag of Italy. Each abuse is punished by the Italian law. Compared with "Made in Germany" ('all essential manufacturing steps') and "Made in the USA" ('all or virtually all'), Italian regulation is more restrictive ('totally') in determining what qualifies for the use of the "MadeinItaly" label.

The large number of manufacturers already certified which export their products in the world, have already noticed the added value of the certification. They have enjoyed higher exposure as well as increased status and distribution for their products. The natural consequence is an increase in production and a stronger bond with the customer.

Certify your product

In order to obtain the certification or to know more about the methods which guarantee the quality of your products with the 100% Made-in-Italy mark, please contact the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers - ITPI

the certification portal

To verify the certification of a company, or know the control methods of your "100% Made in Italy" product, visit MADEINITALYCERT.IT
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