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Funding research with crowdfunding
News of 21/09/2018

Scientific research is where we place our hopes for a better future, and it is perhaps the keystone that can help humanity to solve the countless problems that still beset it. But scientific research...
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Double-declining auctions, here's how discounters strangle Italian agriculture
News of 23/08/2018

The Earth association! Onlus and the Flai-Cgil launch the alarm on speculation in the agricultural world, over 400 thousand exploited workers After the massacre of Foggia the Italian agriculture worl...
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Marchionne is dying
News of 23/07/2018

On June 1, in Balocco, at the presentation of the industrial plan of FCA, Sergio Marchionne was visibly fatigued and wearing several pounds more. "The doctor has stopped smoking and he must have been...
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Sicily is mobilized against the Multinationals and plants the ancient wheat
News of 11/07/2018

Sicily is mobilized against the Multinationals and plants the ancient wheat The Sicilian peasant revolution: 3,000 hectares of ancient grains against multinationals. The return of biodiversity in agr...
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Rice, pasta, milk, tomato: what is mandatory to write on the label
News of 05/07/2018

Ninety-six percent consumers would like to know the origin of the raw material of a food product, before buying it. For this reason, last year, our ministries of Agriculture and Economic Development h...
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The neighborhood supermarket is back in fashion. Which has been innovated by opening up to online
News of 29/06/2018

Over half of Italians shop at home. The neighborhood supermarket is back in fashion with its traditional strengths: accessibility and courtesy of the staff. The neighborhood store has also innovated, ...
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Salvini in a shop in the City Market di Tolmezzo - Friuli
News of 15/06/2018

Salvini walks in the Tolmezzo city market where he suddenly makes a commitment: "Here Tolmezzo (Udine), a small supermarket with spectacular local products! Other than the commercial megacities, we d...
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La Transumanza> Project by Italy, Greece and Austria to promote the ancient tradition of shepherds
News of 10/04/2018

Nella costiera amalfitana c'è una famiglia che ogni inverno ripete l'antico rito. Giovanni, Franchina e loro figli vivono grazie al latte di un piccolo gregge di 200 pecore. Quando il...
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News of 05/04/2018

More and more businesses and shops close, but who is killing Made in Italy?The most important is the online trade in counterfeit products from China.Milena Gabanelli explains this for Corriere della S...
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Clothes imported from Africa labeled as Made in Italy - Operation of the municipal police in Quarrata, in collaboration with Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri, Fire Brigade and Local Health Authority
News of 27/03/2018

Quarrata (Pistoia), 21. März 2018 - Imported items of clothing produced in North Africa to which was applied a label, falsified, with the words 'Hergestellt in Italien' and immeßi...
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Pachino tomato crushed by EU treaties. Farmers:
News of 20/03/2018

'Red gold', that's how they call Pachino's tomato. A treasure known and appreciated all over the world but worth much less than gold. Indeed little or nothing, now. So in its town ...
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Niche products, a traditional cuisine, an educational part dedicated to young and old: the Eataly format is getting ready to open its doors in Stockholm, where it will bring all the best of Made in Italy specialties.
News of 13/03/2018

Eataly opens in Stockholm. Farinetti's Made in Italy also lands in Sweden 11 years of Eataly. 11 years marked by an exponential growth, a path studded with successes, with all the difficulties a...
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Made in Italy furniture: a new online market?
News of 01/03/2018

Many adapt to the times that change and are shown to buy furniture online: in Italy, however, it seems that time has stalledThe way of selling furniture made in Italy, especially in our country, is st...
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Made in Italy, the label obligation for pasta and rice is triggered
News of 20/02/2018

After that of rice, which came into force Tuesday, Wednesday is the "big day" of the compulsory origin label for pasta, a revolution in the name of transparency and food security for the food most lov...
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News of 14/02/2018

On Saturday 17, Sunday 18 and Monday 19 Obuv.it, the event will be exclusively reserved for glamourous chic customers, mainly from Eastern Europe.Over 100 customers will visit the event.39 brands that...
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Certify your product

In order to obtain the certification or to know more about the methods which guarantee the quality of your products with the 100% Made-in-Italy mark, please contact the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers - ITPI

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To verify the certification of a company, or know the control methods of your "100% Made in Italy" product, visit MADEINITALYCERT.IT
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Italian Manufacturers

LUCA PAGNI presents his Asymmetric Eyewear Collection at MIDO 2015.

Luca Pagni, Venetian eyewear brand, named after his young and eclectic designer, arrives at MIDO 2015. It offers a timeless classy collection, certifi...
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The Italian Manufacturers Insitute decided to Strengthen the Certification of Origin and Quality 100% Made in Italy IT01.

The Italian Manufacturers Insitute decided to Strengthen the Certification of Origin and Quality 100% Made in Italy IT01.Underlying you can take a loo...
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Kilesa Italia Bags Collection

Kilesa project brings to market an innovative product, capable of expressing an important content of DESIGN, precious and valuable for its manufacture...
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GKS srl is a company established since 1988 in Marche region, the Italian area worldwide renowned for the high quality of shoe crafting.Gabriele Levan...
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