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notizia del 25/10/2012

The company ADILE DIVANI introduces a new collection of leather sofas with a new style.  
In line with the new market trends, we have introduced new models, new mechanisms of movement and new
style in imagining our sofas by ensuring always total comfort and relax to the end consumer.
-We are able to customize our relationship starting from the products and to finish to the accurate services.
-We always give our guarantee for the quality by maintaining the same specifications for all products  in the
time. We do this by drawing up a technical sheet for each model chosen. We specify all sizes, details  and
-The same leather quality is guaranteed in the time as the first samples we give you.
-We choose for our sofas only the original Italian Design.  
-We already export to the most important Asian Countries and can give you our important references for the
actual customer.
-We are able to guarantee a time of delivery of 30 days, from the date of order to loading date  




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