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The Albertine innovative shoes are characterized by a great personality that characterizes them. Provocation and game are the features that highlight the nature and style of the brand accomplice of all women who do not stop ever play, reinventing its style even several times a day. Free and independent women who like to tease and seduce. Tradition and innovation are key elements which underpin the brand Alexandra Alberta Chiolo. All collections are created and produced 100% in Italy. Essential role is to search for materials Italian fine to give rise to unique pieces in the care of the details that characterize the artisan process. -I list them below:

100% Made in Italy IT01 Origin & Quality Certification pass from 5 to 7 requisite.

100% Original Italian Quality - System IT01

These products are:
- Manufactured entirely in Italy
- Made with Italian Component
- Built with Best Quality Material
- Exclusive Design
- Built using traditional workmanships
- Respecting Hygienic-Sanitary and Safety Rules
- Made Respecting Ethical Code

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