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News of 23/11/2017

Pasta with tomato 100% made in italy. This is the aim of the chain agreement signed yesterday in the Confagricoltura site in Rome between the Producer Organization OP Mediterraneo, a cooperative company of foggian that has 150 associates and adheres to Confagricoltura, and the pastafiero Granoro s.r.l.

An innovative agreement aimed at becoming a model of economic and social integration and development of the territory, replicable also in other sectors and which wants to link farmers and industry directly, and accustomed to dialogue with each other in a transparent manner in order to obtain mutual benefit .

Starting from Puglia, has always been the land dedicated to the production of hard wheat - cultivation, production and milling of that destined for Granoro s.r.l pastificio. - where grains are grown, freely chosen by the growers and best suited to their needs, with the aim of obtaining a quality level that meets the needs of the pasta.

The agreement is an example and follows the one signed in 2011, always among OP Mediterraneo members, tomato producers, and I.C.A.B. S.p.A./La Fiammante, a historic food preserving company operating in Salerno. A market-based business reality that deeply believes in the added value of an Italian 100% tomato, which boasts chain certification and respects an ethical business policy with Social Footprint.

"The tomato was a unique agreement," commented OP Mediterraneo president Marco Nicastro, who made everything at home in Confagricoltura, which he made as a dumper, meeting the demand and supply of agro-industrial products under the same flag, with a unit of intent of supply chain. A pilot project we wanted was a model to be replicated in the compartment, but also in other production sectors. And that's what happened with the agreement signed yesterday between our wheat producers and the Pastificio Granoro s.r.l. "

The chain agreement signed between OP Mediterraneo and Granoro s.r.l. defines the minimum grain characteristics based on technological, merchandise, qualitative (protein, gluten, color) and contaminant parameters. The commercial conditions set the quantities (defined on the basis of the membership of the farmers), the withdrawal (set by monthly quotas), the period (from June 2018 to May 2019), payment includes a deposit from Granoro s.r.l. equal to 200 euros per hectare and grain delivery, price (minimum guaranteed), and premiums (for protein extraction and for organic farming).

An agreement, the one for durum wheat, which OP Mediterranean adds to that for tomato and closes the circle for a 100% made tomato pasta dish in Italy.

"This agreement - commented the Grandmaster of the Pastificio Granoro Marina Mastromauro - is another piece that we add to the path of the chain agreements that we have started for a few years. Industry and agriculture working together for the same goal: bringing Italian quality to the world. "

Pastificio Granoro is headquartered in Corato, in the heart of Puglia, and is today one of the most important Italian production companies in the dry grain sector of durum wheat semolina. Produces quality Italian pasta, organic pasta and a 100% Puglia short-chain pasta, promoting and effectively promoting the valorisation of its territory. It has conquered important markets from Japan to the USA and is present in over 180 countries with a wealth (range, variety, assortment) of products.

Source> http://www.lostradone.it

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