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News of 13/03/2018

Eataly opens in Stockholm. Farinetti's Made in Italy also lands in Sweden

11 years of Eataly. 11 years marked by an exponential growth, a path studded with successes, with all the difficulties and obstacles of the case, the criticisms and moments of crisis, but which together represents - without any doubt - one of the most fascinating examples of Italian gastronomic entrepreneurship of the last times. The expansion, in Italy and abroad, has always been at the top of the list in the plans of the giant signed Oscar Farinetti. Meanwhile, the Pharaonic Fico Eataly World, a shopping center dedicated to food, has arrived at the gates of Bologna, but first of all a place that aims to shape consumer consciences. Such an ambitious initiative could not but become immediately the subject of widespread debate, of those able to polarize the opinion of the public between admirers and detractors, but which, once again, outlines a bold step to innovate the world of food .

Eataly's expansion plan
Therefore, it is inevitable to ask what Farinetti's next moves will be. Especially after the many openings abroad, from the most recent in California, Eataly Los Angeles, to the news of the Spanish Eataly project, with the support of the Adrià brothers, scheduled for the end of 2018, without forgetting the arrival in Moscow in spring 2017, with Juri Tetracome partner, an important milestone for the group, especially for the difficulties encountered in the last three years following the embargo. Many Eataly points abroad that confirm the value of the brand on an international scale, but above all testify to the ability to adapt to local contingencies, probably the most forward-looking of the massive expansion project planned in recent years, and that in the future will land also in London, Canada, and in Paris. On the 17th of February it will be the turn of Stockholm, where a space of more than 3 thousand square meters is about to open, developed on two floors and which, once again, combines different souls, the market, catering and teaching.

The offer
With a more and more outlined identity, the Deep North (between Denmark, Sweden and Norway) has long been open to importing food and wine from other countries, in particular from a strong and well-defined Italian market. It is precisely the tricolor offer, from cheeses to cured meats, from fish to meat, without forgetting fresh pasta and bread, to disembark in Sweden, more precisely in the Biblioteksgatan, the shopping street in the heart of Stockholm, in the former seat of the historical cinema Röda Kvarn. There will also be sauces, condiments, extra virgin olive oil and desserts, excellent products prepared with taste and creativity by the chefs of the restaurants, who will offer every day dishes of the Italian regional tradition. Finally, the Scuoladi Eataly will offer the opportunity to learn how to prepare typical dishes led by professional chefs.

The potential of Stockholm
"Stockholm is distributed on 14 islands and is connected by 57 bridges", Farinetti comments, adding: "We at Eataly love the islands, but we prefer bridges, which connect and unite. We are all islands, but we need bridges! "A philosophy shared by his partner and partner of many projects, Eataly's Executive President Andrea Guerra:" A new opening is another very important step for us. What we open in Stockholm is a shop to love, which satisfies the eyes and gives emotions: above all to make a jump in a country as different as Italy. In Sweden, historically among the countries most attentive to the social welfare of the population, for the first time enter more than 1,500 Italian products ambassadors of our food and wine culture and our quality of life ".


Source> Gamberorosso

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