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News of 09/11/2017

«Sweet Life 4.0». Tricolor lights outside. Blue navy environments and futuristic leds. Futuristic atmosphere for the opening of "Garage Italia", a new creative hub in the Accursio square in the iconic former Agip Supercortemaggiore station, restored by the architect of the architect Michele De Lucchi. The landlady, dressed in full white, is Lapo Elkann, project manager. Its guests have come from all over the world. He accompanied them to discover a place that he represents for "style, passion, inventiveness and beauty in all forms." There are no surprises. The first personalized car with holograms is unveiled at world premiere: a Fiat 500 Abarth "with a special mapping effect, kaleidoscopic, which animates the world of personalization and customization," explained Lapo.Tra present, mayor Giuseppe Sala, the Elkann-Borromeo family (John Elkann with his father Alain, his sister Geneva and his wife Lavinia Borromeo), the stylist Luca Rubinacci, Margherita Missoni and Marcelo Burlon. In addition, Nerio Alessandri, patron of Technogym, Ugo Brachetti Peretti, Arturo Artom, Federico Marchetti, Marta Brivio Sforza, Patrizia Sandretto, Simona Ventura, Mediaset's Giorgio Restelli, Arco Bona Borromeo, Carla Sozzani and Nina Yashar, photographers Giovanni Gastel and Bob Krieger, jewelery maker Madina Visconti of Modrone. In the room are also seen, Alessandro Roja, Victoria Cabello, Martina Colombari and Billy Costacurta, the faces of Raidue Titty and Flavia, in addition to the former girlfriend of Lapo, the heiress Goga Ashkenazi. In all the participants - with an exclusive invitation - there were almost two thousand: a number that would impose closure to the traffic of a stretch of avenue Certosa. The restaurant within the creative space is run by Carlo Cracco. The starry chef took care of the light details at the inauguration as well. Wearers in racing suit (with the brand 'Garage Italia') began offering Ferrari sparkling and water. At the bar on the tropical terrace tasted Rum Company of the Caribbean, tasted Tuscan cigars and sliced into dark chocolate. The menu? Mini burger, lime salmon with mangoes, shrimp rolls, potatoes with caviar and sour cream, artichoke and pepper, chestnut macaron and chocolates "worn" at the moment. Fun with popcorn machines and appreciated midnight paste: in the form of a mechanical ring, designed for the occasion. Between a gin tonic, a Moscow mule and a Milan-Torino (cocktail invented last night) dances accompanied by the music of Stefano Fontana and Dj Outside. The compilation? Exclusive setup for the evening. The key word was "Dreaming".

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