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Made in Italy

Entirely MadeinItaly.
The activity of madeinitaly.org is focussed on the value of manufactures which are entirely Made in Italy.

The law 166/2009 has recognised and defined a 100% MadeinItaly and has provided for the appropriate guarantee through the certification.

The 100% MadeinItaly certification is not just a choice of quality and status symbol for the product but also an essential statement for the producer.

The 100% MadeinItaly mark applies to all sectors and becomes an integral part of the product. Its prestige makes the product unique so consumers can appreciate it properly.

Through the certification the manufacturer can effectively communicate the value of the product which has entirely been MadeinItaly.

The 100% MadeinItaly certification can only be issued after thorough checks on quality, style, materials and productions phases.

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Before being issued with the "100% MadeinItaly certification", manufacturers undergo a series of strict checks in order to make sure that long-lasting product quality is certified and guaranteed.

The controls are directed at certifying that the entire production cycle takes place in Italy.

The MadeinItaly Certification is the only one to guarantee product authenticity. Every type of certified product gets an advantage in terms of:

  • Quality
  • Style
  • Image
  • Fame
  • Prestige

Certify your entirely MadeinItaly production. You will be recognised in the world for the higher quality granted by the protection mark.
The 100% MadeinItaly mark represents the production quality, the creativity and the style which are famous all over the world. The real Italian Style which is appreciated for elegance, chosen for design and desired for beauty and originality.

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Made in Italy Product

MadeinItaly Product. Just like the words "Pizza" and "Pasta","Made in Italy" is one of the most famous expression in the world.

The popularity of the 100% MadeinItaly mark carries its own responsibility. The ITPI certifies the entire production cycle and therefore it's the only means of guarantee you can show with pride.

The ITPI will open a dedicated channel for consumers who are keen on buying 100% MadeinItaly in order to keep them informed and up-to-date on Italian Manufacturers offering certified quality.

To learn more call now
+39 0734 605483, or send a email to
For further information please click on the following link.

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Trade Promotion

The Institute through specialized organizations, shall promote and accreditation on the international distribution of the Company can prove that make a quality product entirely in Italy.

The distribution system Italian abroad is notoriously lacking. The Italian quality marks are often placed in large department stores and specialty stores.
Distribution is very varied, often the Italian product is covered by immense international production exists. On the positive side there is the emergence of several countries (East Asia) which enhance the most authentic Italian product by using it even qualify for the showcase.
The real problem arises from the fact that the price factor often compresses the value of Italian products with prices that are at the limit of the possible. So it is absolutely essential today to make sure that the international distribution can be helped to select the Italian product, identifying through the guarantee of certified quality products made in Italy that is truly first class materials, transformation in Italy, Italian-style, traditional processing typical Italian, compared to products made wholly or partly abroad with the label Made in Italy.
Today the difference is and will also result in the certification of 100% Made in Italy.
And according to this main rule we make sure that the true Italian quality product accompanied by a qualified guarantee can meet the expectations of the distributor and the consumer world.
It 'now time to clarify and raise standards of quality and origin of the Italian production system.

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